Vanessa Marie, Clairvoyant Medium

Beyond Being

Since childhood, I knew that I was a bit different and blessed with the gifts of clairvoyance and mediumship before I even knew what they were. I spent countless hours in the woods, wandering and finding comfort and kinship with all elements of nature. As I grew up I was often teased and mocked for being creepy because of my “knowing”. As an adult I worried about the stigma and pushed aside my abilities to focus on a professional career in technology. While I absolutely love working in the tech industry, I have recently come to realize that I should not hide my abilities. I should be embracing them and sharing my spiritual gifts to help others. I can help guide you with all of life’s matters and work in a warm, open and conversational style. During a session you will likely see me work with different crystals each of which carries a special energy and purpose. I will be making my debut at the Best Psychic Fair on September 9th in Phoenixville, PA. I look forward to meeting you there!