Best Psychic Fair GUIDE 2017

Best Psychic Fair GUIDE 2017

This is the Best Psychic Fair GUIDE 2017!


Saturday, September 9, 2017
Bridge & Main Streets, Phoenixville
10a – 5p

**There are TWO special private evening galleries, too!**


40+ Psychics!
30+ Unique Vendors!
Entertainment + Food
Outdoor fun for all!
A one-of-a-kind event!


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Parking in Phoenixville

There is 2-hour free street parking on the 100, 200, and 300 blocks of Bridge Street.

The Borough also offers Metered Parking Lots (8am – 10p):
Lot #1-Prospect Street
Lot #3-Mill Street
Lot #4-Taylor Alley Lot

Note: Main Street (between Bridge & Church Streets) and the parking lot on the corner of Bridge & Main Streets are only open to foot traffic for this event.



Enjoy delicious food for purchase from Oscar’s Catering! Oscar’s delivers sophisticated comfort food to please any palate.



Special Guest Appearance by Capt Jack Impersonator Steven Dapcevich, 1p – 4p!



Be sure to stop by and say HI AND
Get a $20 credit for your online psychic reading!

Also! Buy your tickets at either of our Info Booths for tickets to our two featured evening Galleries! Seating is limited, and these are sure to sell out, so get your tickets early!


 $10 per seat, per gallery (attend both galleries for $20). There is limited seating; please reserve your spot by purchasing tickets at our Info Booth.

Special Mediumship Gallery Reading
5p - 5:45p

Presenter: Karen Hluchan,

Experience the light and love of Heaven with Spirit Medium Karen T. Hluchan during her special gallery reading at 5pm! After speaking briefly about how spirit communication works, Karen will actively communicate with loved ones in spirit for those in attendance, bringing through unique information to help you identify and claim your loved ones, as well as sharing their messages with you.

Even if you do not receive a direct message from spirit, there are always messages within the messages for all who attend and fascinating themes that emerge through the communications. Be embraced by the love and light of Heaven, as you witness Karen's amazing connection with Other Side.

Karen is a Spirit Medium, Reiki Master, Motivational Speaker, Spiritual Artist, and Author of the book How Have You Loved?

Special Tarot Gallery Reading
6p - 6:45p

Presenter: Emilie Moe,

Emilie, also known as Emmy to many, began reading tarot cards at a very early age. At 11 years old, she started cultivating what would become a higher calling to be a reader and help others.

Receiving clairaudient and clairsentient messages from the spiritual realm, her tarot card readings have taken a turn with growth and progress. After completing college and working for the mainstream, she decided to become a full-time reader in 2009.

Since then, she has been one of the highly sought out readers known for her accuracy, especially in Tarot specializing in relationships and romance. Her readings are accurate and honest. She is empathic and sincere in what she relays to her clients. Her readings are full of love and compassion, as well as truth.

Believing that her craft goes beyond the scope of just reading, Emilie takes her tarot card reading to a very profound level of spirituality. Having a close connection to her spiritual guides and angels, her readings provide clarity and guidance for those seeking wise counsel through phone readings and now chat readings as well.

Aside from reading tarot cards, she has also embraced Angel Oracle cards, dice readings, coffee cups, writes blogs, has done live events in NYC and worked in local shops.

In 2016 summer and 2017 winter, Emilie was a tarot reader for the "NY NOW Convention" conducting tarot readings while representing USGames (the largest tarot distributor in the world). She is also proud to say that she will soon be releasing her own, self-published tarot deck named Emilie’s Kindred Spirits Tarot.

If you have any questions or are at a crossroad in your life, Emilie can help you find the answers to make the best decisions for your life.


Be sure to make time for these three amazing and unique FREE presentations during the day. Seating is on a first-come basis.


   Free, with limited seating.

Turiya Music
11a - 12:00p

Presenter: Karttikeya,

Karttikeya is a modern renaissance musician and composer whose talents and inspiration span myriad genres, instruments and technologies. His life journey has been similarly diverse - from Berklee College of Music in Boston, to a Hindu monastery in Hawaii, to multiple bands and a recording engineering job at Music Together in New Jersey – musically and otherwise, Karttikeya has demonstrated polite disregard for the conventional.

Karttikeya performs regularly in kirtan (popular in the emergent yoga communities around the globe), jazz, rock-country-blues bands, world-beat ensembles and children's music concerts. Whether on acoustic or electronic drum set, rare handpan instruments, eclectic percussion or keyboards, Karttikeya seeks to connect deeply to the music "as it happens." He is routinely found working behind a mixing console or recording desk, rounding out his musical role as audio engineer and producer.

Identify Your Passion…Manifest Your Vision
12:45p - 1:30p

Presenter: April Wells

What is passion? Are you living the life you have always wanted to or are you living the life you have accepted?

We all have a choice in what we choose to manifest for ourselves. However, is what YOU are choosing what you really want? Or is it a choice based on what you have been taught as acceptable choices or inherited beliefs? In order to live within that passion we must first identify WHO WE TRULY ARE.

Come join us to identify and change how behaviors and belief systems we are taught from childhood to every day interactions with other people play a major factor in why we limit ourselves and settle for less than what we deserve and desire.

This is an introduction to the “Identify Your Passion…Manifest Your Vision” Workshop, which will help you to change your thought process by using tools you already have within you and eliminate the blocks preventing you from achieving your highest potential.

Group Sound Meditation with Tibetan Singing Bowls
2p - 3p

Presenters: Paula Sam & Mathew Armond,

In this group sound meditation, Paula and Matthew will guide, nurture and support the opening of your heart lotus. Through breath practices and the use of sacred sounds and vibrations of Tibetan Singing Bowls each petal will be gently guided into bloom. When the heart lotus is in full blossom it allows the light of the gem to reach the mind. Together, with support and guidance of these sacred arts we will balance, strengthen and open up to the light of our heart lotus gem. We look forward to sharing in this journey with you.

The Sama Center is a holistic health, yoga, and wellness center. The intention of the Sama Center is to support western and alternative medicine by facilitating spiritual, emotional, and physical health. We are dedicated to providing our clients with an affordable alternative that helps them create well-being and balance in their lives.

The Sama Center offers a full schedule of yoga classes for all levels. We also offer several varieties of massage therapy, Reiki and other energy work, ayurveda, aromatherapy, nutrition, and raw food cleansing.

We have been serving the community for nearly twenty years, and in 2013, our space underwent a complete renovation, including a new yoga studio. The Sama Center is fully accessible to persons with handicaps, and we offer student and senior discounts.

Using Intuition to Navigate Daily Life
3:15p - 4p

Presenter: Diane Wing, MA,

We all have intuitive abilities, yet many people struggle to open to this natural part of themselves. Even those who are awakening to these gifts have difficulty trusting their inner guidance. We were given this inner compass to help us smoothly navigate our life path. This course will help you develop your intuitive abilities and overcome the self-doubt that prevents you from listening to these messages. When you trust and follow your own intuition, you'll find it will lead you to all the right places at all the right times. You'll also have a much better feel for what others are thinking and feeling. This course will help you tap into and trust your natural intuitive gifts. Learn ways to identify, track, and validate your unique intuitive gift.

Diane Wing, author of The Happiness Perspective: Seeing Your Life Differently, is a teacher and perspective changer. She has a Master’s degree in clinical psychology and three decades of experience providing valuable insights for the highest good of her clients. She’s a wiz at illuminating self-defeating patterns and reducing anxiety so you can be happy in the present while creating their ideal future. When you work with Diane, you can expect to come away with a higher sense of self, a brighter view of your life, and extraordinary tools to create your ideal future. It’s time to rekindle your self-awareness, self-trust, and self-confidence.

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