Beth Drupp

Beth Drupp

Beth Drupp


I am a spirit medium and intuitive empath. I read tarot, tea leaves, pendulums, and pictures. I am also a certified Reiki I practitioner.

I was six years old when I realized that not everyone that I would communicate with was alive. Some were spirits of those who once walked among the living. Those spirits came to me for my help. They wanted me to relay messages to their loved ones. For some, the messages were that they were OK. Others had more detailed messages.

When I was eight years old, the spirit of my neighbor’s grandmother came to me and asked if I would tell her granddaughter, who still mourned her, that she was ok. It was then that I realized that I could help people with my abilities. After the spirit of my neighbor’s grandmother appeared to me, I proceeded to do my first tarot reading. Afterwards my neighbor thanked me as she and her grandmother cried.

Many years later, I still communicate with spirits. I believe everyone deserves closure, both the living and those who have passed on. I find great joy in helping others to answer questions and find closure by being a link between the spirit realm and that of the living.

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