Andrea H. Lerner, VMD & Barbara L. Richter, LMT


Andrea and Barbara are both experienced medical intuitives who are Certified BodyTalk Practitioners. Andrea works primarily with your animal concerns and Barbara works with the humans. Andrea & Barbara see your Body, Mind & Spirit as well as your past, present & future concerns. During your energy healing with them you will experience:

**a personalized session
**intuitive messages
**removal of blocked energy
**guidance for present and future

When you leave, you will experience a clearer pathway, a calmer journey. Andrea & Barbara help people to balance themselves, feel better, calmer, more joyful and more focused. This in turn will lead to better health, help you reach your goals, and feel more fulfilled. As you begin to become healthier, so will your family and your pets.


If you would like to experience a jumpstart to your personal wellbeing and
that of your family and pets, please book your appointment early as we will
be filled by the end of the day. Email:

20 mins/$50.00

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