Marlow Jackson

Marlow Jackson

Marlow Jackson

Marlo Jackson guides you to unlock and release stored information within yourself. Thus, launching you forward on your soul’s journey. Whether questioning your current path, seeking change, searching for an alternate perspective, feeling guided to a shift in energy, or needing answers to questions from your spirit guides, Marlo will help unlock your unlimited potential to guide you forward in life.

As a child, Marlo noticed an illumination around nature, trees and animals; and, as an adult, effervescence around people. Through exploration and conversation with his shaman, he learned the visions were energetic fields. Shortly after, Marlo was guided to do work in Arizona, where he found himself aiding others on the path of their spiritual expedition.

Over time, Marlo’s gifts led him in the direction of community, education, and improving the lives of others. His intuition allows him to identify the essence and needs of those around him. Marlo has 15 years of experience leading groups, ranging from support based groups to those focused on cognitive enrichment. Marlo, an intuitive student of metaphysics and other spiritual studies, also creates intuitive jewelry and utilizes energetic stones for healing purposes.

Mentored by Maxx Angenetta Jones, ordained in the order of Melchizedek, to reaffirm his commitment to serving others in the light, an initiate in the Society of the Guardians of the Flame, and as a student of Sri Master Gano Grills, Marlo continues to work at the multidimensional levels of self on his path of enlightenment, ascension, and transformation from earth bound being into an unbound divine being.

Meet with Marlo! Let him help you rediscover your soul’s path and guide you on your journey!

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