Erika Land

Pilgrimage Consulting

Hi! My name is Erika Land and I have a practice called Pilgrimage Consulting. I am a new intuitive and this is my first time “out” at the 2nd Annual Psychic Fair of Phoenixville. I specialize in angel card readings and I am offering 10 minute readings for $10. My philosophy and coaching concept has a lot to do with the idea that life is a pilgrimage as we are all seeking truth and have a desire toward the ultimate love, our creator. I am certified in Reiki I and Reiki II, have an MA in Theological and Cultural Anthropology and a BA in Art Education. I will eventually be building these platforms into my practice as an intuitive coach as well as developing programs for underserved communities as my passion in the arts. As an artist myself, I have always looked at the world differently and since I was a child I knew something about my intuition and epistemology was not like anyone else. It took me many years to fully realize my gifts and now I am beginning the steps forward to help others on their journey—on their pilgrimage in this life.