Christopher Mochin

Whispers of the Nine Worlds

There are times in our lives when we need guidance or clarification on things that are affecting us directly or indirectly. I have been providing guidance and clarification through the tarot and the gift of mediumship since 1997 and believe deeply that there is a spirit world. I also believe that the spirit does not die with the body upon death and we take the knowledge and experience that we have learned on Earth and carry it forward with us into our next life. I would be honored to read for you. I participate in Holistic Expos, am available for home parties and can provide readings by phone or through communications applications via the world wide web. In addition to readings, we offer the very best Intention Candles, Blessed Candles and Oils from Coventry Creations; Fantasy and Mystical t-shirts from The Mountain; and other new age products when available.